In the vein of all great iconoclasts in rock, David Goad sets out to destroy the boundaries and conventions of contemporary music. He is the lead vocalist and instrumentalist in the dark-theatrical experimental band, Of The Tower. His stage presence can be described as somewhere between Iggy, Bowie, and Morrison fixated in a surrealist atmosphere. He is Oklahoma's answer to Peter Murphy or Nick Cave. His shows are not so much generic rock, as they are shocking performance art installations. He is also a notable classical composer, and has had one of his best pieces, Aphasia 2 Concerto for E-Bow, featured in the up-and-coming series on PBS: Two Wheel Oklahoma. His aspirations are to have commercial success with his catchy and darkly outlandish music, to churn out brilliant albums, and continue to write for TV and film. He is a graduate of the Academy of Contemporary Music.